About Us

 Hey there!

Hi! My name is Sonja and I am the owner, artist, and everything else behind My Squish Studio! (>‿◠)✌
I decided I wanted to create My Squish Studio after feeling limited with my first shop, which was based solely on Harry Potter. There weren't many options to express a lot of my own creative freedom, so I brainstormed a couple of ideas at the end of February 2021. From there, I created Squish who is the mascot of My Squish Studio! He was inspired by these chubby cat characters that I used draw when I was younger. Squish is a cute and playful cat hybrid! He was created with the intent of making other people happy, so I hope he does that for you! 



Status = Owner, artist, marketing manager, etc.

Likes = Boba, drawing, pretty stationary, animals, anime, harry potter, the walking dead, and creating things.

Dislikes = Eggplant, rude people 


Status = My Squish Studio mascot, model

Likes = Boba, pink and turquoise things, new people, helping others, and other animals

Dislikes = Vegetables, showers (prefers baths)